LinkedIn Jobs on the Rise 2023: 25 U.S. roles that are growing in demand

Time: 2023-01-18
Author: Nothing
Origin: LinkedIn News

The 2023 LinkedIn Jobs on the Rise list reveals the 25 fastest-growing job titles over the past five years and the trends defining the future world of work. 

From the rise in skills-based hiring to the demand for hybrid work, the employment landscape has been undergoing a wave of changes. Throw in a murky economic outlook — and many professionals are left wondering about their best next career move. Preparing for what lies ahead by taking steps to set yourself on a path with resilience and staying power, what’s been deemed “career cushioning,” is one way to navigate the uncertainty.

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Our 2023 Jobs on the Rise list uses unique LinkedIn data to uncover the 25 fastest-growing job titles over the past five years — providing insight into where the workforce is headed. Whether you’re currently job seeking or not, the ranking uncovers trends that can help you define your next move and prepare for the future world of work. (You can learn more about our methodology at the bottom of this article.) 

Beyond highlighting growing jobs, the list is full of actionable insights and resources. Here are some ways you can use it in your own career: 

  • Gain skills: Identify what skills are in demand for each role, and dig into LinkedIn Learning courses to master them (clicking on a skill will bring you directly to a relevant course).
  • Identify your values: Check out insights around remote job availability, salary, top locations hiring, gender distribution and more under each role to figure out which opportunities are the best fit for you. 
  • Set goals: Looking to make a change in your career? Explore additional insights around years of experience required and top job transitions into each role to envision a path forward.
  • Take action: Explore current job openings that you can apply to, as well as people you may know (i.e. your first, second and third degree connections) in each role. You can check out open jobs for all 25 Jobs on the Rise here. 
  • Dig deeper: Check out more content around each role, from what Top Voices in the field are saying to what a day in the life may look like.

Jobs on the Rise is ultimately a glimpse into where long-term opportunity lies. The workplace will continue to evolve, but we hope this helps you prepare for what’s on the horizon. 

Honoree titles: 1. Head of Revenue Operations | 2. Human Resources Analytics Manager | 3. Diversity and Inclusion Manager | 4. Truck Driver | 5. Employee Experience Manager | 6. Sales Enablement Specialist | 7. Advanced Practice Provider | 8. Growth Marketing Manager | 9. Data Governance Manager | 10. Grants Management Specialist | 11. Molecular Technologist | 12. Content Designer | 13. Sustainability Analyst | 14. Strategy & Operations Manager | 15. Chief People Officer | 16. Sales Development Representative | 17. Online Campaign Manager | 18. Product Operations Manager | 19. Sales Compensation Manager | 20. Customer Marketing Manager | 21. Head of Rewards | 22. Deal Manager | 23. Customer Success Associate | 24. Channel Account Executive | 25. Director of Bioinformatics