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    We Are Problem Solvers!


Who is SeeUCareer?


At SeeUCareer, we bring together the expertise of top-notch consulting leaders from Fortune 500 companies and the brightest college students from the top 50 universities in the U.S. We assist startups and small-medium business owners that are missing the necessary structures, systems, teams, tools, and guidance in growing their companies. We seek to form partnerships with organizations such as yours.

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Consulting - Analysis of Cases - Development of Solutions - Implementation - Resolution of Issues

What do we do?

Our aim is to support founders and entrepreneurs in their pursuit of rapid growth and problem resolution, including short-term projects. We begin by thoroughly comprehending your needs and then assemble a team of suitable consulting leaders and college students from our talent network. The team then proceeds to create an effective solution tailored to your requirements. Once the plan is established, the team will implement it with focused efforts and we provide comprehensive support throughout to guarantee success and help you reach your objectives.

Company Advantage
  • Management-level

    Management-level consulting leaders and students with hands-on 

    experience and fresh perspectives

  • No cost

    No cost to you, yet provide effective solutions

  • Potential hires

    Exclusive access to your potential hires

  • One-stop shop

    One-stop shop service, minimize your company effort

  • 6-8 weeks

    Time frame 6-8 weeks, requires a 1-hour/week commitment from you

  • Top-Notch Consulting Leaders

    They work at top 500 corporates, like Google, Meta, Tesla, McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, etc. Their expertise range from technology, fintech, consulting, business, accounting, and manufacturing.


    Mentor M

    Technical Project Manager at a top tech company. He has worked for well-known enterprises such as Amazon and Intercontinental Exchange, 20+ years of software development experience; Good at project management, agile development, software development.

    Mentor F 

    Now working for the Marketing Science Team of a leading technology company; 3+ years of advertising and marketing industry data analysis experience; Good at marketing analysis, consumer behavior analysis.

    Mentor J 

    VP of the largest trucking firm in the United States, Heads and data scientists of the top 4 AI optimization centers; 25 years of software and algorithm development experience; experts in supply chain optimization, data analysis, data mining , machine learning, etc.

    Mentor A 

    Chief Data Scientists at a Fortune 500 Company; 3 years of data analysis experience, has worked for an international corporate information and financial analysis company, and the largest insurance provider in the United States.

    Our Talented Student Team

    The students come from the top 50 universities in the U.S. and boast a minimum GPA of 3.0+. These exceptional individuals are skilled in various fields such as computer science, mathematics, statistics, biology, mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, media studies, business analysis, politics, economics, finance, industrial design, interaction design, and more.

    They have obtained practical experience through previous internships and are a group of young professionals a group of young professionals with a strong work ethic, srtong teamwork skills, and a passion for their work.They are determined to actively participate in social initiatives during their studies, improve themselves, and become well-rounded trainees in the corporate world.


    Student P

    School:Washington University in St. Louis

    Major:Computer Science

    Skills:APP Development, Web Development,Full Stack Development

    Student R

    School:New York University 

    Major:Interactive Telecommunications Program

    Skills:UI/UX Design, Social Media Operation, Project Management

    Student A

    School:Wake Forest University


    Skills:Financial Planning & Analysis, Auditing, Tax Report

    Student E

    School:Columbia University 


    Skills:Modeling, Content Writting


    Business and Strategic Planning

    Partner Company Objective:

    A U.S.-based supplement company is facing challenges in expanding into new markets and raising brand recognition.

    Our Project Team

    Our team analyzed the partner company's vision, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) and their long-term and short-term strategies. We gathered data from the target market and strategically approached potential leads, such as schools, NGOs, and procurement departments of companies. Our team was successful in establishing over 30 new business relationships.

    About us

    Data Modeling

    Partner Company Objective:

    A big data company is developing a data science training program to create a pool of highly skilled candidates, with the aim of optimizing the training, reducing hiring costs, and streamlining the hiring process.

    Our Project Team

    Our team assisted in constructing models using programming languages such as Python and Matplotlib. We effectively analyzed the performance and background of the training program participants, resulting in a model prediction accuracy of 81.6%.


    Data Analysis

    Partner Company Objective:

    An international franchise coffee shop company is seeking to understand its customers' repeat purchase behavior to inform its marketing strategy.

    Our Project Team

    Our team supported in the launch of a consumer survey and utilized SQL to develop business reports that assessed critical elements such purchase habits, trends, and the factors influencing repurchasing decisions.

    About us

    Website Development and  Launch

    Partner Company Objective:

    An e-learning platform start-up for young professionals is seeking help with full-stack website development, including UI/UX design.

    Our Project Team

    Our team took charge of developing the official website from the ground up and successfully completed the project in a short time frame. One of our team members was later hired by the company.


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