• Part-time Documentation Consultant

    Part-time Documentation Consultant

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Responsible for in-depth information extraction of students, combining their professional backgrounds and relevant skills to finalize resume modifications and other related documentation tasks.

    Job requirements:

    • Bachelor's or Master's degree, proficiency in English ( IELTS Writing score of 7 or above).
    • Skilled in 1-on-1 communication and consultation, diligent in work execution, and follow-up communication.
    • Team player with strong learning and adaptability skills.
    • Passionate about educational consulting with extensive experience and a willingness to support the growth of students studying abroad.

  • Public Account Writer

    Public Account Writer

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Manage content editing for the WeChat public account, tracking study-abroad or job-hunting hot topics on time.
    • Regularly analyze backend data of the public account platform to understand and analyze user habits, emotions, and experiences, enhancing follower engagement.
    • Keep abreast of new media trends, follow benchmark public accounts, and continuously explore and optimize operational models. Drive traffic and enhance brand influence with a results-oriented approach.

    Job requirements:

    • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Marketing, Advertising, Media, Journalism, Communication, or a related field.
    • Strong copywriting skills, able to independently craft advertising copy.
    • Sharp business acumen, quick thinking, strong analytical and logical abilities, and excellent teamwork skills.
    • Passion for the education industry and knowledge of studying abroad are an added advantage.

  • Teaching Assistant

    Teaching Assistant

    Job Responsibilities:

    • Responsible for resume modifications (finalization) assigned by SeeU Mentor and guiding students in interview preparation.
    • Proactively learn about different industry knowledge and job-seeking skills, understand the latest hiring trends in the industry, and continually refine resume modification and mock interview skills.

    Job requirements:

    • Solid foundation in English with excellent expression skills, able to conduct classes fluently in English.
    • Bachelor's degree or Master's degree. Candidates with working experience are preferred.
    • Majors in Human Resources, STEM fields, Education, or candidates with overseas living or working experience are preferred.
    • Passionate about the education industry and willing to assist in the growth of students studying abroad.


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