Course Structure

Understanding of Positions & Self-Awareness

In-depth studies of Kepler / MBTI / Holland Code Career Test, in-depth communications with career development mentors and experienced practitioners in different industries, providing job seekers with accurate development direction.

Career personality test

1 on 1 Communication with career development mentors

1 on 1 Communication with experienced practitioners

Custom career development direction

Industries Overview & Understanding

The most in-depth analysis and the latest trends about the most popular positions in different industries, brought to you by practitioners with an average work experience of more than 10 years.

Financial industry overview

Internet industry overview

Management/Consulting industry overview

FMGC industry overview


Core abilities improvement

Professional career development mentors and experienced practitioners dedicated to helping you improve your abilities from recuiters’ perspective, from resume to final interview, fully covering the entire job seeking process.

Resume writing and optimizing

Cover letter writing and optimizing

Phone interview training

Behavioral interview training

Industrial mock interview training

Hard-core skill improvement

Coaches with experiences of more than 5 years, dedicated to cultivating your hard-core career skills, suitable for beginners looking to enhance competitiveness.

Microsoft Excel training

Microsoft Word training

Communication skills training

Business etiquette skills training


    Propelling Students Forward

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